HomeKit secure video not working when Apple TV on Ethernet

Weird problem here…
finally decided to get rid of my google products… ditching my nest cams and thermostat in favor of HomeKit devices to match the rest of my home. I should mention I have 32 lutron items and a few Philips hue bulbs… amongst several other devices. More on that below.

I set my new cameras up yesterday… I’m trying the eufy pro 2ks, a couple of their indoor 2k’s and an eve cam. I have 2 Apple TV’s and a HomePod. The main Apple TV is on Ethernet. Anyhow, got the cams up and running and realized they were only streaming within the home app. And if I was not on my home WiFi network, they would be unavailable in the home app… but would still be recording and streaming in the eufy app.

I tried some things, and I decided to check if putting my Ethernet Apple TV on the same WiFi network as the cams would get them working. As soon as I unplugged the cable, boom, notification from the home app that the cams came online, and I magically had an event timeline with that started to capture clips.

unfortunately, despite having two other HomeKit hubs in the house, all my Lutron devices stopped responding, along with my hues… so basically all my devices that have a hub quit working (my garage door and smart lock were fine, along with a couple other random devices).

what gives here? As soon as I plug my Ethernet cable back into that one Apple TV, the hubbed devices fire back up, and my cams go right back into stream over home network mode again. am I going to have to wipe and reinstall my entire house to make this work? Thanks for taking the time all!

Seems like it is acting as though my home has no HomeKit hub when it’s on Ethernet. (I have 3). When I put that Apple TV on WiFi, immediately fixes the cameras.

But then my other two hubbed systems (who’s gateways are plugged into Ethernet as well) fall offline. As though they can only talk to a HomeKit hub which is on Ethernet like they are, and cannot speak to my WiFi HomeKit hubs.

Might be a silly thing, but does your router block traffic from wifi and Ethernet devices?
Some devices segregate the traffic on wifi away from Ethernet connected devices.
Kind of like having a guest wifi uses a different subnet and keeps guest wifi traffic away from network traffic. It might be worth checking…
This may explain why when you disconnect the AppleTv from Ethernet and put it on wifi it’s basically on the same network (as far as your router is concerned), so you see the feeds, but then you lose the traffic from the hubs (as your router no sees this as a different network).
What router are you using?