Homekit Secure Video 1080p Limit

I’ve just got some 2k cameras which are working pretty well with Homekit - I know that restricts them to 1080p but at the moment I’m fairly happy with the quality and the Homekit features are worth it for my setup. I just wondered if anyone knew if the 1080p limit on videos was a Eufy or HKSV limitation - basically wondering if we’d be waiting for Eufy to provide support for that or it’s something Apple would need to make available?

1080p is HomeKit limitation, I removed mine from Homekit to have 2K and better control.

Yep, I know that they’re limited once connected to HomeKit, but I wasn’t sure if that was because that’s all Apple supported, or whether it was because that was all Eufy was supporting (ie. their integration with HomeKit was limited).

I believe that’s what Apple wants 1080p so it is faster and less bandwidth. Not upto eufy to chose 2K vs 1080