HomeKit requires homebase for Eufy Security Indoor 2k Cam

Just got my Eufy Indoor Cam 2K bur couldn’t get it to work with HomeKit. Upon doing some more research it seems that the 2K doesn’t work with HomeKit without homebase. I feel a little mislead and disappointed.

Am I just missing something?

Homekit is still not compatible with IndoorCam, it is in beta test stage, will be released in this June.

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Thanks for the answer, as I had the same question as above. But to be clear, when homekit does become available later this month for the Eufy indoor 2k, will it require the hub, or will it be able to connect to homekit directly over WiFi? Thanks!

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When did you order your indoor cams? I got in on the pre-order, but I haven’t seen any info on when they will ship. I can’t even find the product page.

Just got mine today Im on HomeKit beta but cannot directly setup in HomeKit. The camera is made very nice well done eufy…:+1:t2::v:t2:

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Mine came in today.
Works great and the eufySecurity app is MILES better than the Yi Home app. I did buy the eufy camera with intent to integrate it with HomeKit and I’ve been unable to pair with HomeKit so far. A bit underwhelming, seeing that I waited so long since pre-order to get this and can’t even take advantage of what I planned to do with it.

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Same here I would send support a shout out to see if they can push a Beta HomeKit firmware to it Im trying now.

Ordered on 4/17. Received on 5/27

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I got an email back this morning from support about the beta and they said that there is no open beta for testing at this time. The open beta should come around the end of June.

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@Bernardinomike3 Thanks for the update I have not received a reply yet but I guess I need to buy a memory card now I didn’t know (or aware) that it doesn’t record to Homebase :smirk:

I am pretty sure no hub is required if using sd card or Homekit Secure Video for indoor 2k cam.

Also, remember that HomeKit doesn’t support 2K video streams natively - it maxes out at 1080p. I would guess that the video stream will have to be downsampled in some way, perhaps by the Homebase. This is an Apple limitation, not Eufy

Looks like HomeKit compatibility is now coming to the indoor cam in July according to this post