HomeKit Question

I’m in a house where two people with separate iPhones are both using the security app to view the cameras.

What I’ve found is that the HomeStation/cameras will only allow one of us to “add” the devices. If we both try, it’s unpaired from the first phone. So we used the family/friends sharing mode.

Now the person who added the devices and shared with me, they’re able to add to HomeKit. However as the person it’s being shared with, I can’t.

Has anyone been able to make this work? Where a single camera system can be used/viewed by multiple people and each person can also use HomeKit?

There is a rule from Apple that there is only 1 owner for a HomeKit, so sorry only the owner can add the devices and then share the device to other member

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Thank you for the response!

I ended up using a single account for the cameras and HomeKit, then sharing both services to the other users. That seems to work okay, with individual notification controls too.

Thanks again :slight_smile: