Homekit integration impact on battery?

Has anyone worked out the added rate of battery drain when linking with homekit? It’s not essential but a nice to have only if it’s not a huge drain on battery life.

I linked mine to homekit and don’t see much difference, really. That said, I usually don’t keep the home app open either for long periods of time. It does pop into a live feed, so I could see that running down the battery over time if it’s set as a main page favorite.

I think it would be only meaningful after good amount of time use. People would not do apples to apples comparison either.

Eufy App says enabling homekit requires waking up the cam at certain rate so I think that would add more energy usage.

If Eufy’s design is optimized, (no other power overhead) I expect no big difference for a cam that detects motion a lot. (In this case, regardless homekit enable, the battery would not last a year) However, for average cameras (defined by Eufy… x # of trigger a day, y sec recording per trigger), enabling homekit will show difference, not guaranteeing year long battery life.