Homekit for Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) T8210

Any alternative to adding this model to HomeKit? I ended up buying it when they announced that support would come in updates, but so far nothing. There is no reason, as it meets all of Apple’s hardware requirements. Some reviews on Eufy’s site say that people have gotten it. Is it real or fake?


Major missing features:

  • Add doorbell to Homekit
  • Add indoorcam to Homebase, so you can use the Home & Away settings
  • Add time-based settings to Home & Away settings and Automations
  • Easier recording deletion
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Come on Eufy lots of people have been asking for the doorbell to be added to Homekit and HSV for a couple of years now! After promising it would be in a software update then abandoing it. Time to give us what we want!!!

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