Homekit for all

Home kit for all cameras


I called Eufy about this. We have the 2 TB cloud storage plan and Apple has unlocked unlimited cameras for HomeKit users. However, Eufy only still will allow four cameras. They are pointing their figure at Apple. Eufy it’s not all that difficult to open the gates for more cameras. I would buy more Eufy cameras on top of my 5, but there is no way this is happening until they unlock the app for more cameras beings I can’t see the 5th one now on HomeKit. I refuse to buy another Eufy Homebase just to unlock 4 more cameras as well. We need more people to get behind this…come on Eufy…fix this!


Incorrect. I have 7 cams in Eufy and in HomeKit. There is no restriction.

not according to this

Yeah, I have heard from another poster that its a homebase issue. I don’t have a homebase, only indoor cams 2k/pan/tilt.