HomeKit draining battery

I have 5 2C cameras 4 connected to HomeKit with motion set to 4, Optimal surveillance and it was draining the batteries very quickly. Connected for two days and batteries are at 90% with 12 motion detections. My fifth camera not connected to HomeKit was at 98%. Does Homekit drain the batteries? I previously had the Arlo Pro cameras connected to Homekit and it did not drain batteries that quickly compared to the 2C’s. 185 day batteries?

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Have the same problem. Read somewhere online about Homekit constantly updating status of the Cam 2C causing quicker drainage. Not sure how Arlo can perform differently (just put off by the forced subs). I have only linked to Homekit the Cam2C that constantly plugged in whilst all other Cam are not.

I have removed all my cameras from Homekit, otherwise batteries won’t last long. It’s a shame the thumbnail preview on iPhone, Apple Watch and the motion automation usage was great

Hopefully a soft/firm ware update from the Eufy side can fix/reduce this please!