HomeKit camera online

I’m having issues with my eufy cam 2C constantly coming ‘online’ and sometimes offline in Apple HomeKit. I have a very stable fibre optic internet connection that I have monitored, no dropouts. The cameras all have strong HomeBase2 signal and the HomeBase2 itself is plugged into the router by Ethernet. I actually have two homebase2s (wasn’t any more expensive when buying more cameras, they both have Ethernet and the cameras are spread over them. All cameras seem to come online at once with both HomeBase2s which is why I checked the internet.

More interesting is since I fitted solar panels and flicked them over to solar panel mode the problem has significantly increased. It’s very annoying but I also don’t want to suppress the notification.

Screenshot attached.

Do you have severe battery drain on the 2C cameras when connected to HomeKit? How long are your 2C batteries lasting on average before needing a recharge?

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