Homebases 2 v. performance mode reduce covered range

After my homebase 2 self updated to the newest version (, subversion the range of the homebase is reduced when in the new performance beta mode. Now the sensors at the far end of my house is out of range. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
I need to force the system back in standard working mode to preserve the working of the system. Otherwise 4-5 of my sensors are reported to be offline.
My setup consist of 2 cams, 2 motion sensors and 14 door/window sensors, and I know i’m running at max capacity of number of supported devices but the system should really be able to retain support for this number of devices. Preferably i’d add a few more cams and sensors if only the platform would support it to ensure all angles of the house is covered… I sincerely hope that this new performance mode will not become standard, as it will ruin the platform for use at larger properties.

I have 2 homebases, but only one is in use - if only you could have multiple homebases work in bridge mode to extend the coverage like my MESH wifi…


I have the same firmware as you and more devices and haven’t seen any change in range. I have 14 cameras, a doorbell, 2 keypads, and 6 sensors in a pretty spread out configuration. I orginally had 2 homebase units but managed to get all my devices working on one and haven’t had any issues with range or signal, even on the farthest out devices on my shed.

Did anyone find any benefits to the mode? Like, what improvements does it give over the default mode.

Oh yes! I have been so happy to have found ( after a year of real trial and error ) a reliable spot in my driveway for vehicle detection… unfortunately it’s pushing the range. And I have another cam also out a bit.

It’s been working PERFECTLY for months. Was so happy. Then one day they both dropped offline. I knew it without looking. The dreaded firmware update.

Been trying to to get them to work again but struggling. If I could just get them to STOP these forced updates I would be so much happier.

I should add it IS a standard on my HB. If I change it back to standard it will switch back to beta within a few hours. Or a reboot will change it back to beta also.

Very similar issue with mine since the update a few weeks back. I have 3x 2c cams and the one furthest from the homebase now goes offline frequently since the update unless I switch to the new beta mode then it works again. Homebase randomly goes back to Standard mode though and the cam goes offline again… So frustrating!! These cams just aren’t reliable enough to be any sort of security device. Come on sort it out Eufy!!