Homebase2 , doorbell, 4 cameras

Plan to use Eufy for security around the house in CA.
Any suggestions? I read a lot of complaints and am unsure whether this system is working reliably?

@Willem_de_Lange Unfortunately, many of the posts in this community are about user’s complaints and frustrations about one of Eufy’s products. Other times, ways they can fix or update their products and/or apps. And these experiences or comments are valid. It’s a platform where Eufy is allowing this to happen as long as things remain appropriate. However, it tells me a lot about their brand. To allow these platforms for transparency and ways to understand their customers, even when their products come up short. I actually commend them for this!

Now are their products horrible? Of course not! The problem is most people will NOT jump on this community platform to give rave reviews or talk about their satisfaction with Eufy products, because things are good…there’s no reason to reach out to Eufy or this community page. It definitely leans on the side of people’s displeasure. Which is valid as well, but can appear to be very one sided and make newcomers question their purchases.

In my case, I have spent thousands of dollars and have invested into the Eufy Security system. Is it perfect? Of course not. But neither is Ring, Arlo, Nest, Wyze or any other tech camera. There are pros/cons for each system. And yes, these cameras can take a few days, sometimes weeks to dial in the right settings. But in my opinion I have been VERY satisfied overall with their products (ok, maybe not their Doorbell cam, lol). They have worked when I needed them and protect my property each and everyday. I believe they have become a great deterrent and we know when anything gets near our house, yards, and alley ways.

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I have Homebase running three cameras and an Eufy video doorbell, which I bought they day they were released on Kickstarter. Today I also installed a Homebase 2 with another three cameras.

I totally agree with @Sobrevilla. Are they perfect? No. But I don’t think there is a perfect system. The pros for this system is, in my opinion, decent battery life and wireless connectivity. The software is easy to use. We get notifications when expected. The occasional “glitch” I get is that I find it takes longer than I want (15-20 seconds) to connect to view the recording or live feed, which means that the event is usually over by the time I go look at it. That could be my local internet, however. Back when we were in the office, I also could not connect to view the recordings and live feeds, but I’m not blaming Eufy for that as much as I am the office basement internet.

My experience is that they provide value for the money and that I would continue to invest in the Eufy system. The camera quality is great and they have held up well to our weather. For what I’m asking the system to do - allow me to see the exterior of our house in a moderate middle class neighborhood, it works perfectly.


I agree with both posts. I have 2 homebase 2s and 8 cams plus sensors. Eufy has created some good value equipment and its flexible enough to do almost everything I want. Their support is responsive and they are actively fixing problems when they are brought to their attention.

This board tends to get a little too negative in my opinion. There are a number of user that tend to bad-mouth Eufy becasue they bought gear based on a promise of future functionality. When that feature didn’t appear when they thought it should, they throw up a lot of negative static.

I like the gear and am willing to invest the time setting it up correctly and that’s paid off for me.

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And I want to add that a plus for me is that it’s a closed system. No one has access to my system except me and those I specifically grant access to. I have no problem with Ring’d Neighborhood-style system for those who want it. But for me, I prefer having much tighter control.

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I think you can not evaluate a product based on community comments alone. People may come here for support help for their issues. You may only see the bad part of the device. A lot of the issue can be user based, (example a lot of soundcore issue may be from user, laptop and zoom. Issue is not with the potential earbuds but BT, or software).

I do like the question though and think there are several that can be helpful and knowledgeable.

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@Pam_s_iPad @Willem_de_Lange Agreed! Having everything stored locally was one of the biggest reasons I chose Eufy. Of course along with no monthly fees for additional features or anything else. Things to consider when purchasing and investing into a system.

Another huge plus is their app which has many options to customize their devices per user’s needs. From Family Sharing to each individual camera: night features, zones, human detection, motion sensitivity levels, microphone, speaker, alarms, automations, recording times, anti-theft, modes, etc. In my opinion Eufy doesn’t get the credit of some of the other well known names. Hopefully, they will in time.