Homebase2- can you have more than one on the same app linked to different cameras

If you have 4 (or more) cameras is it possible to run 2 cameras on one Homebase2 and the other 2 on an other Homebase2 using the same app.

I was thinking of buying a doorbell camera which comes with a Homebase2 and would like to see all notifications on the same app, I was thinking by using two homebase2’s this would give me more storage space.

@Mike6234 Yes, you can have two cameras on each home base all under one account in the same app. However, just to make a note…right now each base runs on its own. Meaning cameras setup on one base will work together (automations, alarms, etc.), but not across home bases. Setting modes would also have to be done individually. This could be a good/bad thing.

For example, you can have two cameras on one home base for the backyard and another two on a separate home base in the front. This way they can be positioned closer to the selected cameras. They’ll have more memory per base and you can set different modes (backyard can be set to alarm, while the front just sends notifications). This works great. But the front cameras will not communicate with the ones in the back (and vise-versa) because they are on separate bases. So you can’t set them all to alarm at once. You’d have to do it per base station. Hope this makes sense. Many Eufy users are hoping someday that they update the app so everything communicates together (home base units, indoor cameras, wired doorbell cams, and flood lights).

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