Homebase2 camera limit

How many Eufycam 2 Pro’s can be connected to a single homebase 2?


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If this is true, it would be very concerning to me. Multiple other sites/sources say that the Homebase 2 can have up to 16 cameras and 16 door sensors (This includes the installation guide that comes with the Homebase 2).

This could be an issue with the Pro versions, but that would be new information.

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Before I brought my system I read up to 16 cameras could be paired. If this is something new with the pro version the company should make this clear. It sounds like trickery to me.

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All marketing states 16 cameras to one Homebase. I currently have 10 2C cameras connected to one Homebase? Will my setup not function as well? Should I have more Homebases? This should be more clear? Was hoping to adding a few more cameras?

I was finding issues with even 4 cameras plus the doorbell. It seems the 16 camera “potential” would not work with cameras overlapping.

I’m not sure if this is by design, but my system seems not to be able to have more than 1 device communicate with the home base at once. So if the doorbell is recording, the driveway cam will not be able to record at the same time, etc.

Wow whats going on. It was stated before I purchased that up to 16 cameras to one homebase2. Now they changing the script to

Well I guess I won’t have more than 4 cams then. Why not include this important part in the selling of the product. I see they trying to drain every last penny out of their customers. Thanks!

Multiple Cameras can record at the Same time to 1 HomeBase. I’m not sure what the limit is, but I’m guessing it is 4 Simultaneous streams. I have 2 eufyCam 2’s and a Wireless Doorbell in the front of my house, and all 3 have overlapping footage.

Up to 16 Cameras can be connected to a HomeBase.

Only 4 of the up to 16 can be connected to Apple’s HomeKit. If you need more than 4 in HomeKit, you need another base.

This limit “may” be due to HomeKit restriction that I’m unaware. The original Homebase can handle upto 16 cameras, one of the user has at least 12 cameras running at one point. Not sure anything changed with Homebase 2 and HomeKit integration.
@Yanyee1 @Mengdi any light?

The marketing states Homebase 2 supports up to 16 cameras. I have 10 2C cameras connected to one Homebase, I constantly get the spinning wheel with live and recorded viewings. Restarting the Homebase helps, but needs to be done all the time. I contacted Eufy support, they advised I should have two Homebases for no more than ten cameras, five per Homebase? Why is the marketing up to 16 cameras? I now need buy another Homebase 2, and can no longer add additional cameras unless I add another Homebase!

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