Homebase2 2C Schedule Setting

Hi we have 5 eufy 2C connected to Homebase 2. We primarily have all cameras on Schedule set as HOME to only activate from 10pm till 5am so it’s in Disarmed for other times and also HOME setting have all motion on cameras OFF
The schedule works fine for what we want BUT when HOME we would like only ONE camera always active for motion
How can I set this with keeping Schedule as per above
I read that maybe Schedule should be selected as Away NOT Home then I can set another Schedule for the One camera as ON for the other time period
Is this correct

That should work

I’ve got mine set up this way I created a custom option for driveway only so only 1 cam on the others are off for example then under schedule added

(Example whilst working from home in the day)

Driveway between 9am till 6pm (1cam only)
Home between 6pm till 1am (2 cams front and back gardens)
Away between 1am till 9am (3 Cams)