Homebase won’t connect to wifi

After about 6 month of use, my Homebase stopped connecting to the wifi for no particular reason (there was a system update but a few days before the problem started). I’ve removed the device, restarted it etc and it still won’t connect. When going through the set up (after removing it), while connected to the Ethernet I can’t see my wifi in the list of available wifi networks to connect to. Although I do see it as the wifi that is currently configured (don’t quite get this as I have removed it, obviously this is not a equate to a factory reset, how do I do this?). Worth calling out I have a wifi extender with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. This has been used with the homebase since I’ve had it so nothing changed there. I’ve also tried manually entering my wifi details with no success.

Can anybody give me steer with this problem before I use the hammer to fix it!



Hi there, did you find a solution to this? I have started experiencing the same issue. As soon as i connect via a cable the homebase comes back online. Remove the cable and unable to connect via WiFi (which it did before). Nothing has changed regarding my network configuration.

Any ideas?

Hi, I have same problem two time in the past week. I had to restart the router and it self connected back together.