Homebase vs homebase 2

Hi hive mind and eufy team,

What is the difference between homebase and homebase 2 ?
Can the newer products still be used with the original homebase? And is it possible to upgrade the homebase ?


I can only speak from what I have in my set-up
I started out with original Homebase and 3 original cameras (bought as one of the original kickstarter backers).
The original Homebase has had software updates and is now capable of supporting the new 2/pro cameras, and it also has removable storage card (so easy to increase the storage capacity).

I have now added a Homebase 2 to my setup (as part of additional camera and security kit). The newer Homebase (v2) doesn’t appear to have removable storage, which seems to be a limitation. It is smaller in size. Functionally it seems no different to my original Homebase.
All are happily co-existing in my current set-up :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback, also an original KS backer but only just getting around to expanding past my initial 2 cam set up.

Hi @Barry_Cooper - you mention you have 2 home bases , how does that set up work? Is it at one property ?

I have an external annex (formerly a double garage) that is used as a Gym/Office. So we have a Homebase in there controlling the access points and cameras that overlook the driveway and garden, and then the homebase 2 is in the main house controlling the access points and the front/rear cameras.

All seems to work quite well