Homebase Unable to Play

I have the original Kickstarter version from 2018 with 3 cameras and Homebase 1. I’ve been getting an error message when trying to view recent videos; “Unable to play. the file has been deleted due to overwriting or manually deleting.” My SD card has used 9.75GB, 5.21GB available, and I have not deleted anything. All videos from yesterday evening show this message. When this has happened previously I would Restart (from the App) and it would function properly without restoring the videos it couldn’t play. Is this a Homebase malfunction, a corrupted SD card, or something else?

Probably your SD card is corrupted. You only get a finite number of writes on the best cards. A cheaper card will have a lower number of write cycles. Its also easy to test. Pull the old card and insert a new high endurance card and see if it works. That won’t help your old videos, but get into the habit of downloading anything you want to save so when a card or device has issues, you have saved the clips you want to preserve. I have several of my cams recording to my NAS so I always have a backup.

Also, stick with main brand names like Sandisk, Adata, Verbatim, Samsung, Lexar, etc. Purchase from a main dealer rather than Ebay as there tends to be a lot of fakes on there, don’t be tempted by the cheapest unknowns, memory cards are quite cheap now anyway.

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