Homebase stuck updatinv

Hello. My Homebase2 is stuck updating for the last 24 hours. Tried restarting, powering off and on, deleting and re installing the app with no results. Red color is continuously on and “homebase is updating”
Please help

Hello Home_Surveillance!
Sad to hear the homebase is stuck in updating… Did you already contact support? If so, please provide your homebase’s serial number so appropriate steps can be taken. I assume some manual action has to be taken by the eufy staff for your homebase.


I had this happen to me not once, but twice on two different Homebase 2s. Can you please let us know your network setup? Is it a combo modem/router, separate modem and router, mesh system?
Have you tried the following steps?


Hello. At the end I just unplugged the router and plugged it back again and everything was fine