Homebase storage…

Are you guys ever going to deliver on the homebase storage as advertised??? False advertising can get you into trouble.

There are posts on here from October 20 saying that they are not adding external storage to existing Homebases. This came direct from @Mengdi . Lots of old ads that still show Homebase storage expansion as “future release”.

The Homebase 2 doesn’t have the hardware to handle on the fly decryption and not degrade existing performance. Supposedly, they were going to release a Homebase 3 that had upgraded processing to handle external storage and intra Homebase comms. That was supposed to ship this year, but a month or so ago one of the Mods said it wasn’t coming in 21. He didn’t expand on if it was dead or just postponed. They seem to have abandoned the Homebase architecture in favor of lots of cheap lame standalone cams.

If they do that, it’s only a matter of time before someone else puts out better hardware and software and Eufy will be gone.