Homebase randomly offline

Hey all,

I’m located in Australia. I have the eufy 4 cam security system and it WORKED flawlessly but as of late the cameras and homebase are randomly offline for extended periods of time almost every day. I’ve already exchanged multiple cameras and it still does this. Its hooked up by ethernet and the connection is extremely stable so I’ve singled out it being an internet issue. One of my cameras has recently started to randomly pixelate in green, white or purple and cover up the video footage. Sometimes it can be the bottom of the footage and sometimes it’s almost 80% off it. It only lasts a second or so but so frustrating. Is anyone else experiencing this in Australia??

I have had this here in UK, looks as issues since last firmware updae…

Im in Australia as well. We are experiencing same since last update few days ago. Also have pixelated camera as well but only on 1 of them. Have reset it, including hard reset and done all the checks to no avail. Even spoke to the store we bought it from and they seem to think it may be the last update that has triggered this. Very frustrating

I had recently experienced the homebase going offline which it had never done before and the only difference was I put the tv and echo dot near the homebase as we are currently decorating.

I have since moved the echo dot away and its stopped the homebase randomly going offline.

So not sure if other devices can have an effect on the homebase if they are to close

I’m based in Australia. My 10 2C cameras seem to be functioning ok so far, since the updates.

Just an update, emailed Eufy and they didn’t really provide much troubleshooting even after they requested a video of the camera malfunctioning and serial numbers. They just told me to take it back to the retailer I purchased from which I have done for the 4th time. So far so good, camera image is fine no pixelation and homebase strangely has been functioning well hasn’t been offline since. I feel that the firmware updates do cause more issues than they address but haven’t had any firmware updates done since the trouble started. ???