Homebase offline query

Hi. Does the Homebase connect to my wireless router via wifi or must it be connected by LAN cable continuously? I thought I only had to connect via LAN to set the homebase/doorbell up. Grateful for any advice.

Update: Found details that advise Homebase can in fact connect to router wirelessly. Followed the advise to go through side menu >my devices>Homebase2>connections. At this stage I think I should find an option to connect through wifi but the only choice I’m provided with is to connect by ethernet. Anyone know how to solve this or a workaround please?

The Homebase can be moved to Wifi once it has been connected to ethernet and Wifi configured. Its handy for moving the homebase to a central location so all your devices have good signal. However, ethernet is the fastest and most stable connection.

Go to the Homebase on the main app screen that shows all your devices. Click the gear icon to enter setup.
Go to Connections and select wifi setup.
Once setup for Wifi is done, you can unplug ethernet and move the homebase wherever you can get signal.

Ah. Thanks. So just to be clear I need to.set up wi fi connectivity whilst connected by LAN?

Yes. You need to communicate with the app in order to set up Wifi, so that means that you must connect using ethernet to the router in order to input your Wifi credentials. Once you save the Wifi info, you have a choice of which connection to use.