Homebase constant red light

Homebase 2 brand new just out of the box , Stuck on a constant solid red light . Tried all of the trouble shooting and the light will not change . Device appears frozen. When I disconnect router it acknowledges there is no internet connection.
Frustrating and disappointing. Any advice would be great.

Unfortunately I’ve had the same issue…
Any update would be great. Need to get it working asap or will need to return it.

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Got it working eventually ,through utilising a port in one of my MESH Network WiFi devices. I have just ordered a compatible Ethernet switch to expand my ports on the MESH. And I have also updated the firmware. Not installed at present due to batteries need charging on the cameras.

If you are having trouble getting homebase to connect, here are some steps you can follow to reset it. Make sure your internet is working before trying these steps.

Unplug homebase power connector and ethernet.
Hold down Sync button for 10-15 seconds to drain residual charge.
Wait 20 minutes.
Plug in network
Plug in power.
You may have to go through inital setup again for homebase and add devices back again.

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Oopszorfd point r👑

Hello all,

I encountered issues with my HomeBase2 after making some DHCP changes to my home router.

The symptoms were the following:

  1. Initial error in the app when updating camera settings (Error 006)
  2. After factory resetting HomeBase2 the inability to connect to app after flashing blue lights
  3. After rebooting and factory resetting HomeBase2 solid red LED and inability to connect to app

I confirmed the MAC address of my HomeBase2, and was able to ping the device on my network througout these troubleshooting stages.

I then realized a week prior I had attempted to statically assign IP addresses to devices on my network.
Afterwards I removed the static IP settings and re-enabled DHCP. However, the change had no effect on my HomeBase2.

The ONLY solution was to factory reset my router and reconnect the HomeBase2 as the first wired device.

Hope this helps!