Homebase alarming but no sound (volume is at maximum)

I have the following setup: Homebase E, Eufycam E, Keypad, and a pair of Window/Door Entry Sensor.

The chimes are working fine, they ring when I opened our doors or windows. But sometimes when I open the window/door, the Homebase won’t produce a sound. If so, I need to restart the Homebase then it will sound again.

One time I got home from work, and I forgot to deactivate the Alarm Mode, I immediately got notifications on my cellphone app that the Homebase is alarming due to triggers( I opened the window), but the Homebase did not trigger the Siren (Homebase alarm sound set at 90%). When I adjust the volume to see if the Siren is working it says problem error -116. I need to restart the Base again for it to produce sound.

I feel now uneasy that when im not at home, I do not know if the siren would sound or not when the alarm is triggered.

I have exactly the same problem

Homebase makes no sound
Its not even 2 months old

Im now trying the bata firmware
I hope this fixes things

@eufy_Operation i hope i dont have to write an essay of bad reviews to get a response

An allarm that can’t even make a reliable sound ???

The motion sensors are also buggy