Homebase 503 errors ... system is down

I have been using a HomeBase with 7 EufyCam-2C and several door/window sensors without problems since last August. As of midday today, I can not change the setting of the security mode again (it was on AWAY and should go back to disarmed). I tried to connect to check if there are any firmware updates but get Error 503 or other failure messages. I have restarted the homebase already twice. No progress. I have also checked the WIFI connection and it reports back that all is fine.

To me this looks like a firmware problem (again) … but I can not check as the homebase refuses to connect.

This is now the second problem in the last two weeks (two weeks ago suddenly all my security modes where disappeared and I could not configure them, they re-appeared 1 day later).

@EFUY Support: What can you tell me to do to fix this ?

@EUFY Product Management : How shall I trust a security system which seems to be doing whatever it wants based on software you are pushing to the end-users without letting us know and without giving us the option to accept an update ? This is crazy.