Homebase 3 with T8213 dual camera battery-operated doorbell

Just set up the Homebase 3 with the T8213 doorbell, and am pretty happy with it, except for one problem. The blue ring light around the doorbell button comes on with motion, then goes off despite the fact that there’s still motion. It would make sense to me to have the doorbell ring light stay on while there’s motion by the doorbell.

Don’t see a setting for this, although I did see an older posting relating this to the “AI motion” setting. Anyways, if there is a setting that keeps the doorbell ring light on while motion continues by the the doorbell, it would be really helpful if someone could point it out to me. If there isn’t a setting, then I’ll register my “feature request” (actually bug fix, as far as I’m concerned) with eufy, since this one is important to me.

My blue LED has stopped coming on with motion at all, only when pressed. To be fair, everything else works after the last update/HB3 mode, so I’m assuming this is a teeny bit.

There IS a setting to turn it on “all day” or “just at night” but it’s broken ATM as it’s just not coming on.