Homebase 3: very slow response / loading

I received my Homebase a few weeks ago.

But this unit is really, really slow.
Could you guys share your experiences?

My setup:
Homebase 3 is connected via Ethernet.
My Internet connection is quite fast (1Gb line).
All my other devices, smart devices are connecting quickly.

I popped in an SSD drive into the Homebase 3, for fast storage access.

At this point I don’t have a lot of videos, yet. Still, the eufy iOS App it takes a long time to display my recordings on the Events page. It takes about 3-6 seconds every time I do something on that page.

After clicking the Events page initiates the page refresh. Then I have to wait 3-6 seconds to be able to do anything. After this, if I want to see older videos (scroll down), I have to wait another 3-6 seconds for that refresh. Changing dates is painfully slow (same 3-6 seconds).

The situation is the same, no matter how I connect: local network or remote location through the web.

Just for a test, I turned off all my connected cameras.
After that I checked the Events page… but the loading times did not improve. Same 3-6 seconds loading times.

I checked my network (gateway, switches, etc.). Everything is configured correctly.
The only thing that is really slow to respond is the Homebase 3.

I am very disappointed.

Anyone else suffering from slow loading speeds?

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Same for me. I tried cloud storage for a week to see if that would make it better. Same result.

I really like this system…except for this problem.

One other things I’d like is to have the same features and abilities in the Web portal that the phone app has.

I have the same problem with 1200mbps speed. Also constantly have to pull the page down to refresh and it will later revert back to earlier video’s in the day. Quite annoying. This is definitely a app or home base problem that needs attention. Best to get on with support and start complaining so they fix it. I will also.

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Same here. I was running a HB 2 with doorbell and with no issues for a year or two. I decided to install a add on doorbell and also go for a HB 3. While setting up and testing I am running the existing HB2 set up and the new HB3 and new doorbell alongside each other. The HB 2 gives virtually instant playback of events but the HB 3 can be 6 or 7 seconds displaying ‘decrypting from local storage’ message before image is displayed. Because the HB 2 has none of these issues I am happy my network etc is as it should be. I also will contact support .

I had a Homebase E failing on me. The unit stopped recognizing the memory card. It became unusable after about 3 and 1/2 years. It was out of warranty, and eufy could not do anything with it.

I decided to stick with the system and bought a Homebase 3.
But the performance is just not there.

I am not sure why this Homebase is so slow. This is their 3rd Homebase.
It has built in memory. I added an SSD to it. It has a wired, fast Ethernet connection.
Still, it is slower than the old Homebase.

And I am having other issues too.

Connected cameras are not recording.
I am getting the notification, but videos are not recording.

I created some Automations, where one of the cameras would trigger a recording on the other camera.
This worked great with the older Homebase. But with the new Homebase it is not working.

Very, very frustrating.

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Further to my experience with the Homebase 3 slow loading issue, i have contacted support and been asked to upload logs and send screen recordings of the problem. Later I was contacted advising they needed to analyze the Homebase but they could see it was powered off. I have asked them how they could see this as I have not allowed any access via a remote access viewer, nor have I ‘ticked’ any option to allow cloud uploading.
Waiting for a reply. Does anyone have insight to this?

Well the HomeBase does access the AWS server several times, they may have found out that way yours was off or not online?

They might be able to tell by your email address or other information that you’ve given to them.

Over the weekend they pushed a new updated to the Homebase 380. This fixed the Automation issue for me. Now my cameras are recording.

What is strange is that support has been email me, asking about logs and other info, but never told me about the new update that they pushed. Anyhow, the Automation part seems to be fixed, for me at least.

Now I want to talk to them about the Homebase being very slow. If they can fix that too, then things are back to normal again for me.

There was an update to the iOS app today also.