HomeBase 3 HomeKit

when will you come out to support HomeKit for HomeBase 3 ??? How it was. HomeBase 2 was there a HomeKit feature right away or did it appear later ???


I have the same question. It is December 29, 2022 and I cannot get my Homebase 3 to connect to HomeKit. My old Homebase 2 worked fine with HomeKit.

This was Eufy;s response to my question.

Dear pla***,

Thank you for the reply.

According to our engineer, the homekit might be supported in the middle of 2023.

Please wait in patience.

Have a good day.

Reference TicketTNR652867699 if contacting a CSR
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It’s getting pretty close to the middle of 2023, any news on HomeKit compatibility for Homebase 3 yet?

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Up vote for HomeKit support with HomeBase3 (S380)

At the very least for door locks and sensors.
Matter support would be preferred.

I have all my devices on HomeKit (including Homebase 3) by using homebridge

I have the same question. When I bought the HB3 they said Apple home was coming. Those timelines have passed several times now. I should of just got a 2nd HB2 and not believed the hype.