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when will you come out to support HomeKit for HomeBase 3 ??? How it was. HomeBase 2 was there a HomeKit feature right away or did it appear later ???


I have the same question. It is December 29, 2022 and I cannot get my Homebase 3 to connect to HomeKit. My old Homebase 2 worked fine with HomeKit.

This was Eufy;s response to my question.

Dear pla***,

Thank you for the reply.

According to our engineer, the homekit might be supported in the middle of 2023.

Please wait in patience.

Have a good day.

Reference TicketTNR652867699 if contacting a CSR
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It’s getting pretty close to the middle of 2023, any news on HomeKit compatibility for Homebase 3 yet?


Up vote for HomeKit support with HomeBase3 (S380)

At the very least for door locks and sensors.
Matter support would be preferred.

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I have all my devices on HomeKit (including Homebase 3) by using homebridge

I have the same question. When I bought the HB3 they said Apple home was coming. Those timelines have passed several times now. I should of just got a 2nd HB2 and not believed the hype.

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Now we are almost through in mid-2023 and eufy still hasn’t made it. I don’t think “HomeKit” will still be integrated.

Why isn’t the new standard “Matter” integrated right away?
Then it would at least be compatible with all systems.

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Matter does not support camera’s.

It’s July now… come on Eufy. We want Homekit support for the new Homebase. Otherwise I don’t think Ill ever upgrade. I need my front porch automations and being able to see my cameras’ feed inthe Home App and Apple TV


We need the HomeKit support now … lack of HomeKit is a huge problem. When can we have it ready as promised ?


Just went through the process of upgrading to a Homebase 3 so I could add the new style cameras only to hit with the HomeKit not working. Wow, so surprised that everything else supports HomeKit - including their earlier models. Cleary they are being deceptive by not mentioning this.

Any update on this eufy? It’s becoming frustrating for those of us waiting to get our HomeKit support back.

( 17s ) Farid: When do you expect eufyCam 3/3C to have homekit support via homebase 3?
( 1m 0s ) Agent-Grantoo: Thanks for contacting Eufy customer support. I’m Grantoo.
( 1m 2s ) Agent-Grantoo: i see
( 1m 33s ) Agent-Grantoo: our engineers are working on this, but currently there’s no exact schedule of that
( 2m 0s ) Farid: Ball park? This year?
( 2m 26s ) Agent-Grantoo: no, probably not gonna be this year since there’re a lot of effort required

are there any updates on the release date for homekit?

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Middle of 2024 now. Still waiting for HomeKit support.

Wondering if there is any actual on-going development for HomeKit support.