Homebase 3 device compatibility timeline. Eufy keeps extending the timeline

Anyword on the October update for homebase 3?
I have a HB3 but currently cannot connect the indoor or outdoor cams to it.
The compatibility chart says will be able to connect in Oct 22.
Only a few days left…


They delayed it to November on the chart. In November, they’ll delay it to December. In December…

Your right. Literally this week its changed. Indoor cam moved from October to December. Outdoor Cam moved from October to November. After one month, can’t keep promises😅 Not looking good

I’m a bit confused, or don’t understand. I read the list of the compatibility chart.
And there are devices on the chart that don’t even need to be linked to the HB3 for them to work. Like the solo cams that have their own on board storage and some doorbell cams too. All you need is just the app for them to work. Unless the HB3 will add some special functions to them devices, I see no need for them to be added onto the HB3…

Adding them to HB3 will add all the HB3 ai features to them. It will also mean that you can change modes and all your devices will change. it will also add geofence mode switching to all connected devices.

And so it begins:


IndoorCam Mini T8414 TBD (To Be Determined)

IndoorCam Mini T8414 used to be included in the November (soon to be December) timeline.

Soon I expect the 'flagship" Video Doorbell Dual 2K T8213 to be moved from “Before Q1 2023” to TBD.

And Eufy to retroactively require paying for a subscription to view recorded video from our “local security” devices.

I take is back:

Soon there will be Homebase 4 - which all previous devices will connect to, and it will work with homekit!!!


One week left in November. Smart Lock, IndoorCam, and OutdoorCam are all supposed to work with HomeBase 3 by the end of November (after it was already pushed back a month from the original October deadline).

Will they pull it off?

Or will everything be pushed back yet another month? And then…?

Schedule for Eufy Security Devices to Be Compatible With S380 HomeBase (HomeBase 3)

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They pushed everything back again. Devices that were originally supposed to be compatible in October now have December ETAs.

Not all. T8213 doorbell was “by end Q1 2023” and is now “Jan 2023” (so far)

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Just an update would be nice. An explainer. What’s happening,what are the challenges. The silence is deafening

FWIW, Eufy just posted an update: Get a New Upgrade of S380 HomeBase

There must be a typo because I’m running a newer version of HomeBase firmware ( than currently listed (

…because of the massive security flaw just exposed all over YouTube/Reddit etc.

Mate is that your name, address, email and phone number?
If so I don’t know if that’s a good idea to be posting that.

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Alright so Eufy has changed the compatibility timeline again, most cameras are now Feb or March 2023. I think with this many push backs we should get an explanation.


First off I want to say im not making excuses for Eufy as its very frustrating that promises and timelines are never fulfilled and Eufy should make a statement on whats going on to their loyal and paying customers. I can only speculate whats happening because the lack of communication but China where Eufys parent company Anker is headquartered is having a bad time from what Ive read and seen on the news as they are undergoing a massive outbreak of COVID right now and everything is in lockdown and apparently there are riots in the streets because of bad COVID policies or response by the leaders. Also with recent security and privacy allegations that they had to deal with Eufy has had their hands full and could be part as to why there have been so many delays.

Whilst your are correct, we are still only speculating about why they haven’t fulfilled their original commitment.
Unfortunately there have been other commitments that eufy made in the past which were also late or not fulfulled at all.
It doesn’t take much to put at a statement or a quick blog about what’s going on. If we can take the time to ask the question about products we brought from them, then surely they can spent a couple minutes replying with their plans.