Homebase 2 - what's the point of the local storage if I cant download them

Someone recently targeted us my sons 4 and is disabled they stabbed our cat tyre. Because they are bullies and know I need my car for my child.

Anyway I caught this on camera thank god.
Problem is that I need other videos off my home base 2… I’m confused… Why do we have local storage on it… If we can not download it… Thanks

I just want to understand why or if they’re is a way for me to access the videos on the home base 2 to let me know how thanks

@sio37 Yes, you can download videos from the homebase. Just select the video either from the Events tab or the square box on the selected camera. Once you find the video you want,
click the download button.

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Thank you I appreciate it. I mean onto the desktop so that I could use enhancement software as 1080 p seems totally in admissible

@sio37 Once you have the video downloaded on your phone, you can then transfer the file to your desktop computer.