Homebase 2 went offline for no reason

Why TF this homebase 2 went offline for no apparent reason? As fas I know there is no update, power and internet is on the whole time.

This is crazy please explain

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Mine just updated 6 hrs ago. Maybe that’s it?

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Same here :+1:t3: updated today.

And as always… no idea why…

Did need to off/on one camera and reboot homebase. But so far so good.

@chefrd @tru97 What version did your Homebases update to?

Mine has not updated, still on (System Version), (Subsystem Version), have tried a manual update check as well.

My current versions after the update:

System version
Subsystem version

Not sure if @chefrd has the same versions. But they does differ from your system version. May I ask what region you are in? Maybe that’s the difference.

UK. I’m thinking it’s because of this as well.

Same here :disappointed:

Mine had the update yesterday (2021-09-09), it is also on System version now. However, my Homebase 2 did not go and stay offline.

Same here. Had some weird stuff happen yesterday… but can’t point a finger yet. I did switch it from that new beta performance mode? That was selected by default … back to standard. TBD

Oh… I live in Seattle USA if your wondering location.