Homebase 2 unit blinks red

Hi all recently purchased Eufy 2k doorbell with the Homebase 2 unit .
Set up was fine and device was updated to latest firmware. Every 30 seconds the light on front of Homebase 2 unit blinks from solid blue to red for 1 second then back to blue again. Is this normal or is their a reason for this ?

When looking in the help section of the eufy security app, it states the following:

Yes couldn’t find the answer to my problem. What I need to lnow is. Should the base always stay solid blue always ? Btw their is no problem with my internet or router. Everything been checked and checked again , rebooted etc etc etc

Well yes, you can see that in the screenshot from the help section of your eufy security app. It should be solid blue.
Are you sure it isn’t still installing an update? If not, contact support@eufylife.com as they might have to perform some magic to resolve the problem.