Homebase 2 speaker clicking noise

(There is a similar topic posted earlier. But because it is “inactive”, I would like to make a separate post.)

There is an annoying clicking noise from the speaker of my Homebase 2. It would be quiet after the Homebase being restarted. But as soon as there is a chime, the noise comes back. Got a replacement from Best Buy, but nothing changes. The noise is not very loud, but noticeable and on all the time. I recorded the noise, and you can find it here:

Is it normal, or I just got a defective Homebase? I have contacted Eufy Support, but the response has been slow… Any input is therefore appreciated!

I have the same issue, a continuous noise from the speaker on the homebase 2. Only noticeable when it is very quiet. I’ve not tried resetting it yet, will give that a go and see if it only occurs on the first ring from my doorbell.

Thanks. I am waiting for Eufy’s response. But it looks like ours are in a “bad” batch…

The video does not work for me, but you probably have a defective one

I shared a link, and it seems the link was not well embedded. Can you try the following (I just added the quotes):

It works now, that’s definitely an annoying sound to constantly hear

Yes, it is:(.

And I am not able to make my Echo Show and Echo Dots work as Alexa chime either:(. I think they only worked once today, then stopped. I can still see the doorbell video using Echo Show without any issue, so I do not think I did anything wrong.

Why there are so many issues with this doorbell camera???