Homebase 2 saved clips issue

I’m wondering if this has happened to anyone else?

I was looking back at my saved doorbell clips and realised they only went back to July this year. I’ve had my doorbell active since January this year, so the previous saved clips have been removed/deleted.

My first thought was the storage was full but reviewing the Homebase I still have 11gb left.

I then wondered if there was an issue or glitch and the Homebase wasn’t confirming the correct information. I deleted a few saved clips to see if the amount confirmed in storage would reduce and the amount did not. So I made an assumption this was the case. But I have noticed the figure has increased from 3.44gb to 3.47gb today, so the figure is increasing.

Doesn’t make sense though because I would have thought the amount would be high since the doorbell has been active since January.

I had no other devices, only the battery doorbell.

Any on-going bugs that could be causing this?

I have a Eufy E camera system.
I have a 128 GB memory card installed, it is only showing as 30% full, 70% free.
I have had my system up and running and recording for almost one year now, but have just discovered the there’re are only the last 3 months of recordings being stored.
I have looked at the software to find a way of eliminating this restriction but have been unable to find anything.

I’ve read on reddit it is something to do with the EU data law, depending on where you are from. Makes sense because I just viewed the last day I could see from yesterday and that has all been deleted now.

Nothing we or Eufy can do about it if it is the case.emphasized text