Homebase 2 power off/on, then all cameras are offline and won't recover

Moved the homebase 2 to anther power plug. Powered it up and it automatically went online again via LAN cable. But now all 2C cameras are offline and won’t recover.

System is brand new (updated to firmware 2.1.2 today) and app was downloaded today (2.1.3_713) .

Since there can always be a power loss while I’m on holiday, how is this system supposed to secure my home?!

I hope there is a fix for this, otherwise I wasted my money.

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Hurray… the’re back! After about 5-10 minutes the cameras recovered. Does it always take this long?
PS. the cameras are only a few meters away from the homebase.

Mine generally takes less than 5 minutes to reconnect and sync

Maybe I was a little panicky, but it still takes too long

I agree, but even when I had my Arlo camera system I dealt with the same thing. It has more to do with how fast the devices can reestablish internet connection and then with one another.

I’d like to keep this thread going. I’ve had this exact problem for months. If my power goes out and comes back on, my wifi will come back on - router comes up, I can access my NAS remotely, and access my Plex server remotely. Unfortunately, even after waiting multiple days, my cameras will not come back online until I unplug the power cable from the home base and plug it back in.
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Have you reached out to support? Your cameras should not be doing this and should come back on automatically

I have not. I had been keeping on eye on the community to see whether anyone else had the same experience as I. I’ll try support.

How is your Homebase connected to power? Straight into a wall outlet? Plugged into a power strip or a battery backup? The latter might help with power dropouts.

I have the same problem! Nothing comes back online after a power outage until I unplug the home base and re plug. Seems like it was recording the whole time cause I can review video but only after I’ve unplugged/waited 30 sec/replug.