Homebase 2 offline

Homebase 2 offline would not reset. I checked app says storage is full. I rebooted /unplugged homebase and was able to format storage. I thought the built in memory was suppose to overwrite not lockup homebase?

I believe when i checked the app it said sd card full. There is no sd card, we have been waiting forever for that feature to add usb storage.

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Eufy please give us usb storage and 2fa. We have been promised these features long ago. I should not have monitor storage. 16gb is used in less than 2 months.

Happened to me too. My was showing memory full. I tried to clean didn’t work, I tried to format didn’t work and I reset my homebase and after that I was able to format the memory and everything was fine after that. I went to sleep and I waked up with this load noise from my homebase, like when you get it for the first time. Also now my homebase is offline and keep saying two things.

One : Welcome to Eufy Security follow the instructions in your app to setup your system. And later after saying this couples times my homebase say “ homebase is unable to connect to the internet “…please check your network.

I don’t know what to do. Can someone please help me here.

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