Homebase 2 offline. Unable to reinstal or reset it


Last week (while on vacation) our Homebase went offline. When we arrived back home I checked if all the cables where connected properly, if the network was working and everything seemed fine. Also the 2K pan tilt for indoor is working fine over over the same network and same power source. Any hoo back to the homebase.
So after checking all the cables the light was still blinking red. And I removed it from the app to try to reinstall it but that doesn’t seem to work, it’s still blinking red. So tried to reset with the tiny button with a small simcard pin on the back of the homebase. But that doesn’t work either…

Any suggestions on how to fix it?


I think you have to press and release the button 10 times.
That’s what tech support had me do.

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What button?

Belly? :rofl:

I think @TysonSean means either the sync button or the reset pin hole, he/she will be able to clarify what they had to do.

I can’t remember. It was in the manual.
I think the sync button.