Homebase 2 no blue led light anymore

Why isnt eufy responding on the no more blue light on the homebase 2 issues

I noticed it tody because the doorbell wasnt working i had te reboot the hole network still no doorbell. When i look at the homebose the blue light was off so i reboot the homebase the light blinked and wen the device restarted the doorbell was working again but no more blue led on the homebase.

So eufy whats the situation since this issue is playing?

Still no comment from eufy

I’ve the same problem! And I don’t know how to solve this problem. Do you have a solution already?

There’s no way to fix it. Other similar posts someone had said that either the LED has burnt out or it’s a bad solder connection on the circuit board that has come loose.

If you’re still under warranty you should be able to get a replacement HomeBase.

That’s strange, because I can see the red light. And as far as I know this is the same LED. If so it has to be something else…

My blue light has been out for about 2 years. Eufy wants you to return the old one and get a new homebase 2 for $100. Bull

I have had this problem for over a year. NO blue LED, but the Homebase 2 works anyway. I tried everything… and i mean everything troubleshooting it, to no avail.
I recently ordered the battery backup for homebase 2. installed it and after a few minutes the blue LED on the Homebase 2 started working! I have no clue why. All i could note is that the battery backup accepts 12v 2a input but the output per spec says 7.4V. thats a huge difference if it really is 7.4v. but what i can say, is that it fixed the Blue LED problem on my homebase 2. i verified all this by going back to 12v 2a from the original power plug and the blue LED disappeared again. put the battery back up on again, and the blue LED started working.