Homebase 2 long boot up time (more than a night)

I bought this eufycam 2c a month ago. When I first setting up the cam, I know there is some issue with the homebase2.

After I connect the lan and power, the LED light keep flashing red light and not turning to blue. I left it overnight and it eventually turned to blue and worked ok. All camera are connected and working fine afterward (although there is some problem in snooze function). So I just leave it and didnt get it repair.

And everytime I relocate it to a new place, it will take a really long time , like couple hours, to turn the red flashing LED to blue.

Today the camera just suddenly “cannot connect to the homebase”. and my Homebase has been flashing red LED. I restarted and reconnected power and lan. And it still keep flashing.

I suspect it eventually will turn to blue, but is there anyone having the same issue as well?
Is there any update I could do? (I have get the firmware uptodate)