Homebase 2 lightning red 20% of the time?

I have my homebase located in my living room, so I can see the light all day, and lately I’ve noticed it is lighting red very often for like 10 minutes, and it turns back to blue light.

While it is lighting red, it doesn’t say in the app that the homebase is offline, and I can also see the live view of my cameras.

I don’t know if it records movement in the meantime though.

Anyone know why this happens so often?
I started noticing over the past weeks and it lights red multiple times in an hour.


Mine does the same but maybe once a day, the more updates I get the worse this camera system gets.

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Having the same issues? Has only happened recently! What the hell is going on? Does anyone know why this is happening? Seems to be constant issues currently. When I first purchased all my cameras, they were perfect! Not anymore unfortunately!

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Same here. Doesn’t matter if I connect the homebase by ethernet cable or by wifi. The homebase goes offline numerous times daily. It’s not my internet connection, it’s very stable. I should have installed a hardwired camera system :slightly_frowning_face: