Homebase 2 has new function setting

This question was asked on Reddit and no one seems to know, so I’ll ask it here.

The latest update on Homebase 2 (V2.1.7.6h) came through on 8/2. There is a new category in the Homebase 2 setup menu called Working mode. There are two choices… Standard and Performance (Beta). Both my Homebases got moved to Performance mode. I don’t see any difference in functionality or performance with this new setting checked. The text under the new choice says “Enhanced stability and fluency when connecting multiple devices”.
Sounds like something the Dilbert Mission Statement generator would come up with.

Anyone have any idea what it’s for? As usual, nothing in the online Help that I could find. Also, nothing on the firmware update Topic. The last update for Homebase shows as 4 months ago.

What is so hard about updating online Help and Firmware Topic when a change is rolled out. That kind of functionality is part of any US corporations procedures if they are claiming to be ISO compliant.

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