Homebase 2 goest offline

My homebase 2 keeps going offline. Its quite random. Or I’ll even get the app to tell me the memory isnt working properly and the base needs to be rebooted. I’ve done this by unplugging and plugging it back in which works, but later down the line it will happen again!? I’ve even tried removing the device and adding it and again later it will happen again. What is going on here someone help!

Does the electrical power in the dwelling cause the Homebase 2 to power off due to electrical dropouts? Are you plugged into a power strip with the Homebase 2?
Are you connected to the internet with your Homebase 2 through the Ethernet cord from a modem, switch or WiFi?
How long have you had the Homebase 2 and has this just been a recent issue or something that has started from the beginning of owning the Eufy Security System?

is your homebase 2 connected (via ethernet) to your router, or is it connected via wifi?

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