Homebase 2 goes offline when I leave the network

everything works great when I am at home. when i leave my home network i will get a notice if the camera is triggered. but when i go to view it says home base 2 is offline and so is my camera. when i get home and back on my home network it all works fine again. is there a setting i am missing?

Same both my pan cameras

My homebase updated this morning and know mine works fine. I did also up date to the latest iOS first

Im having the same problem. Sooooo frustrating. I have the system at home and it works but does not work in office once I leave the building. Amy help here would be amazing.

You realize that the earlier posts were a year ago, right.

I don’t think your homebase is going off line, it just can’t communicate. When you sign on to the app, it authenticates your account access and gets an address for your homebase in order to retrieve your video. When you do a live view, it streams the video from your homebase through your local ISP to whatever network you are viewing the video on.

If you are trying to view your devices from a corporate network, they usually block some sites using proxies or have a list of ports that are inacessible. If you are using cellular, your carrier or antivirus could be blocking your access. I would contact Eufy support and see if they can help.