Homebase 2 disconnected from account

I was trying to connect to my relative’s homebase 2 to get alerts whenever there was activity on the cameras. We weren’t aware of the share function within the app. I downloaded the eufy security app and paired the homebase to my account. We found out as a result, the homebase was disconnected from his account. When re-adding the device to his account, all the events are missing and the cameras don’t seem to be connected anymore. Is there any way to recover the events and cameras, bringing everything back to normal?

@Alexho121 As far as I know, once you delete an item (homebase, camera, sensor, etc.) from the account, it automatically deletes everything and is wiped out. Unfortunately, you would need to delete the homebase from your account, have your relative add it back to theirs, then start over again with each of their cameras.

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