HomeBase 2 Compatibility list

Hello @eufy

Could you please provide the complete product list COMPATIBLE with HomeBase2?

Other question. Can i manage 2 HomeBase2 in the same account/home since one of the cameras will be far of other two?

You can use multiple homebases. They will however not communicate with each other. All current homebases operate individually and need to be operated seperately.

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Bumb, has a compatibility list already been released for Homebase 2?

In particular, will the new battery doorbells, which are being rolled out at the moments in some countries (for Australia see https://myanker.com.au/eufy-video-doorbell-slim-wireless-1080p.html) be compatible with Homebase 2? This would enable us to use them for automations. @John0

There is no compatibility list that I know of.
As for the doorbell, I have seen videos where people connect the doorbell with that chime/mini-homebase to a homebase 2.

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