Home bass is turned off

Hi My home bass is turned off and the light is RED can’t chance I can;t turn it on, I have tried all that I can but no luck, can someone please help me out

Have you tried to reset it? There should be a reset button on the back panel.

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Which system?

The homebase can have a red indicator of it’s not connected to the internet or if it’s on battery backup

Are you connected to a LAN port or through WiFi?

Have you tried a different lan cable / port?

Have you tried a different plug socket?

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Thank you for reaching out to eufy!

We are very sorry to learn your Homebase LED isn’t changing from red to white. Let’s get you taken care of!

To start, please follow these steps:

Confirm your smartphone and HomeBase are connected to the same wireless router and the Wi-Fi is not isolated from the LAN.

Confirm you connected the Homebase with the original network cable and power adapter.

Confirm the network port is flashing light. If it is, please restart your router.

Try another network cable and connect to a different port on your router.

If the light of the Homebase is still red, please also try:

Enabling DHCP on your router

Turning off the firewall setting on your router

Copy the following link to your computer that is connected with the same network with your Homebase to see if you could see our IP address “” (see attachment). If you can see the IP address, we will arrange an exchange for you. If the address is not visible, please contact your network engineer to check if your network stops our Homebase communicate with it.


Thank you for your patience; we look forward to hearing how the troubleshooting turns out!