Home-base 2 storage

Does antics know roughly how long a home base 2 will store footage for 6 cameras and doorbell add on

It all depends on how long the recordings are and how many have taken place. My 5 cam + doorbell setup would take about end of September until it’s full.
Be careful though, as once you get the ‘memory full’ icon next to the homebase, it only goes away after a fill reset…

I keep track of the free space on my device to prevent the annoying message. Aside from that I get insight in how much storage gets used every day.

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I purchased a 2 camera kit with a Homebase 2 and the 2C Pro cameras. I also purchased an additional 10 2C Pro cameras. I currently have an Arlo system with 12 cameras and wanted to replace my Arlo system.
My primary concern is the 16gb storage. Currently my Arlo system runs 24/7 with most of the activity happening on 3 or 4 cameras inside my home. I have moderate activity on my external camera covering my driveway and little to no activity on my cameras covering the backyard.
My system grabs videos in 2 min clips with a few seconds delay between clips. The system switches between a silent mode (alerts) during the day and an alarm mode at night. Right now I can go to my Arlo system and look back at activity all the way back to June 25th (It is August 23 as I type this). I am on an older plan with Arlo… so I am ok with getting less storage if it gets me away from a monthly plan.
Unfortunately the 16bg is turning out to be way less than I will need for even a weeks worth of video. To test the system I setup 3 cameras in some of the highest traffic areas of my home (Living room, the den where my child works on school work all day, and the driveway where cars and people set off the cameras regularly). I started the system sometime around 8 PM last night and it is 5:30PM now. (so less than 24 hours of recording). I have the Eufy cameras set to record at 2K, 2 minute clips, videos do not cut off if motion stops. I currently have 251 motions, 2.33GB clips and 12.35 GB available. If I use 2.5 GB per day with 3 cameras (estimating the remainder of the 24 hours) I can only get about 6 days of recordings. If I add 9 more cameras… I will be lucky to get 1 days worth of video.
I am going to experiment with more mild settings… but my Arlo plan right now (again, legacy plan) costs $149.00 a year. That’s $12.42 a month. I get

  • Support up to 20 cameras
  • 60 days cloud history
  • Custom Activity Zones
  • Person, vehicle, package, animal and CO/smoke alarm detection
  • Rich notifications
  • e911
    I really wanted to love the Eufycams and dump the monthly cost… but my Arlo subscription renews in 2 days and I will be shipping the $1800 worth of cameras back to Amazon.