Home base 2 storage filling up quick

Does anyone know what’s actually kept on storage on the home base. I was reviewing the footage that I’ve kept since early May and I literally only had like 20 clips. All other false positive recordings I’ve been deleting on a daily basis.

My question is what’s filling up the storage? Are all the motion detections that were recorded and not sent to me because it was filtered by the AI also kept in storage?

How am I at 0.9 GB space left with only 20 or so clips?

Edit: I have 2 x 2c cameras

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Something definatley does not seem right. I have 3 cam2 with about 15 days. Like you I get rid of crap so I have a minimum of clips, but have 12.35gb left. If it were me I would try formatting it and see if it continues.

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Can you contact support@eufylife.com with you SN number of your machine?

We need to analyze it.

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It’s my 3rd day and storage was filling up. Deleted 70% of the clips and storage doesn’t change. I don’t think the internal storage is deleting the files. Did a format. Let’s see if this fixes the issue going forward. Op, did you get your issue sorted?


Nope. Support is still working through it. They did recommend a format and it didn’t help. After the format it was back down to 0.05 GB, over the weekend it went back up to 3.85 GB even after deleting all the clips that triggered over the weekend

I think the issue is that the homebase 2 isn’t deleting the files locally when you delete it in the app. As I understand it, it will override the oldest once its full.

Eufy should fix the homebase file deletion / refresh issue.

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