Home base 2 expanded storage

Can we expand the storage on the home base 2 yet?
Just got the stand alone doorbell and chime, thinking about behind the cameras but want more than 16 gigs.

It’s still not there. And i think it won’t come. I have contacted lately and the answer was it’s not possible and most commonly it wont come.

Eufy Mod @Mengdi confirmed that expanded storage was not coming to Homebase 2 in October of 2020 on this board. The Homebase 2 doesn’t have the processing power to add on the fly decryption without harming performance. They were supposedly working on a Homebase 3 that would support expanded storage and inter homebase management, but it was planned for this year. Lately, Mods posted here that Homebase3 wouldn’t be released this year. No comment if it was delayed or cancelled.

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