Home Base 2 can't connect to Xfinity Gateway

I got the Xfinity gateway from Comcast. Homebase 2 cannot connect to the router/modem combo. The home base 2 can’t see the network name even though it is set to display. Nor will it connect when manually put in. I have the 2.4 and 5 as separate wifi networks.

Every device I have can see both network names and connect no problem but for some reason the home base 2 will not. I did not have this problem with my Netgear router and separate modem.

Has anyone had this problem?

Thanks for any help.

It doesn’t see any Wi-Fi networks at all?
When you are attempting to connect to your Wi-Fi network, do you still have the Xfinity gateway and HomeBase2 connected via the Ethernet cable?

It can see any wifi available which is a lot around my house. It can connect to my old router no problem. I have 3 home bases and none can connect to the Xfinity Gateway. I have tried with and without it connected to ethernet. I’ve tried to reset it but it doesn’t help.

Go into the settings for the Xfinity gateway and turn off the 5G.
Then see if the HomeBase can see the 2.4 G.