Hombase 2 and different cameras

Just got a eufy cam 2 and was wondering can I add other cameras to the system I.e a 2c camera or do they all have to be the cam2

Check what home base is required for each

Anything that works say on Homebase 2 will all work

Stuff that is home baae1 won’t work with home base 2

You can add more cam 2 or the 2c cameras to the homebase 2


Cam Es will work on Homebase 2, as well as 2 and 2C’s. I’ve found new Cam E’s on Ebay for less than $100 from a guy in California. They have the 365 day battery and really good video quality. They don’t have the Human or Pet Detection, but they work great in every area I’ve installed them in. I have 4 now and like them better than the 2Cs.